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Be part of the Revolution to Pioneer a New and Deeper Family of Followers.

If you are hungry for deeper community, more genuine fellowship, people with whom you can share your life as you support one another in your faith, then you will want to learn all about Eastwind Community Church’s “New Community.”

These communities consist of groups of between 15 to 30 people who have the Eastwind Sunday experience in a smaller location on Sunday mornings. They may meet in a neighborhood clubhouse, or a home, or in someone’s office space. It’s a place where they can gather for worship, watch the simulcast sermon from the main campus, and then have an opportunity to discuss the sermon. They share a meal together every Sunday, and in the process, grow the kind of friendship and connections that are so much more difficult to foster in the “Big Church” setting. It will be a real family!

There is so much to tell about this exciting new ministry development. If this idea intrigues you, please contact the church office at 2:08-387-0818 and we will put you on the list of interested parties. Be looking for more information to come!

A New Ancient Way to “Do Church”

This concept is beginning to take hold all over the country and has been called the “Micro-Site” revolution.

It closely mirrors the way the early church functioned in small home settings, sharing meals and doing life together, as we see in the book of Acts, chapter 2. It won’t be for everybody and we will still have “Big Church” at the main campus every Sunday, but it might be for you. This might advance your faith in new and exciting ways.

Are you interested in joining New Community?

Jesse Fadel
Associate Pastor

If you have any questions about our New Community Micro-Site services contact Jesse Fadel.

 (208) 440-5699