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Frank Church High School is Boise’s alternative High School for at-risk youth. These kids are making a huge effort in the face of multiple challenges, including homelessness, parents who are incarcerated, poverty, serious health issues, mental illness and the like.

Eastwind has partnered with the school to pioneer an innovative new program to provide incentives for these kids to stay in school. We provide funding for clothing, recreational items, ski passes, bicycles and other necessary items, and the school puts kids under academic contracts to receive these incentives. The stories of these kids are heartbreaking, and the success of this program has been astounding.


You can donate to Frank Church in two ways:

  • You can give to the Frank Church High School Incentive Program through the Eastwind Community Church Website. It’s convenient and easy.
  • If you still want to give through the Boise Public Schools foundation for better tax deduction, you can now have your checking account debited instead of a credit card. Go to their website and follow the instructions. If you donate any outdoor gear or clothing to the following retailers and reference the Frank Church High School Incentive Program, the Incentive Program will receive a majority of the revenue when your donated item(s) sell: Play It Again Sports, Backcountry Pursuit and Outdoor Exchange! You can also give gently used items directly to the Incentive Program as before.

Frank Church High School Students

Honor Roll Breakfast

Frank Church High School

To learn more about how you can participate contact Eastwind’s Frank Church coordinator, Chris Hunt, or Frank Church teacher and program founder Jess Hawley.