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Good Samaritans Homeless Outreach

Boise has a growing number of people dealing with homelessness. What do you do when you see someone with a sign asking for help? Do you give money? Do you drive on feeling guilty? Do you judge? The Good Samaritan bags offer an alternative.

These little black bags are filled with hope and opportunity. They contain vital information on where to find resources (housing, food, services, etc.). They have deodorant, tooth brushes, sun screen, water, snack, and other miselaneous items like sweet notes from our children. But most of all they offer the chance for someone to learn a name, have a conversation, and know that they matter.

Pick up a bag in the lobby. Have you handed one of these out? Received one? Share your story on the Eastwind Facebook Page.

Would you like to volunteer in our Good Samaritans Homeless Outreach? Just let us know.

Tara Haley
Good Samaritans

If you’d like to volunteer for this ministry, donate, or find out more, please contact Tara.

 (208) 600-2579