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Worship @ Eastwind…

The Worship Ministry at Eastwind exists for one reason: “To honor God with the best of our abilities by ushering others into His presence”. We strive to do this by creating a professional (yet fun!) community of musicians, vocalists and sound & light techs who are united by an unrelenting passion to lead people into the presence of God each and every service.

If you feel passionate about music and/or technology and have a heart for God, then consider using your gifts in the Worship Ministry at Eastwind. You can find out more information about the team and current opportunities to serve by contacting Zack Galyen | zack@eastwindcc.com or by reading more about our philosophy of corporate worship.

Why Do We Worship God?

Because we get so much out of it?… because the Bible says we should?… because we love God? All of these answers may be true, and we could probably suggest many other valid reasons. Yet, apart from the first chapter of Ephesians we might never come up with an answer so stunning as what Paul offers there.

The apostle begins by praising God, who has:  blessed us in every way (1:3); chosen us before creation (1:4); predestined us in love to be His children (1:5, 11); redeemed us (1:7); forgiven us our sins (1:7); lavished His grace upon us (1:8); and made known to us His plan for creation (1:9-10).  Why has God done all these marvelous things? “In order that we… might be for the praise of His glory” (1:12). Our very being as God’s people is defined in terms of worship.  We exist to praise our glorious God!

Would You Like to Join The Worship Team? Let’s connect!

Zack Gallyen

Worship Pastor

If you have any questions about Worship at Eastwind Community Church, Zach would be more then happy to answer your questions.

Email: zackgalyen@eastwindcc.com
(208) 409-7540