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International Outreach

Making An Impact In Africa...

Child Sponsorship Program

Eastwind has partnered with Touch Africa International in Nairobi, Kenya to help advance the education possibilities for children. Building on a partnership established during our first mission trip to Kenya in 2008, the two organizations have joined together to focus on an impoverished population near Kaloleni in Kenya. Education is a significant privilege for the less fortunate, vulnerable or orphaned children.

We started a child sponsorship program, to allow people like you the opportunity to provide funds for these children, so they can enjoy all the benefits of attending school. A monthly sponsorship will cover four basic needs; needs we too often take for granted: supervision by Touch Africa, private school fees and tuition, school uniforms and a lunch program. All of these children have one thing in common. Each wants to get an education and do something with his or her life despite the hardships faced. If this kind of sponsorship program appeals to you, please see our current posting of children who are ready to be sponsored by clicking HERE.

Clean Water for Kenya

On the eastern coast of Kenya, there is a small, remote and impoverished village called Gotani. For the last 5 years, we have taken teams of Eastwind members to this remote rural area. People living in this area experience extreme poverty, and walk many miles each day to find filthy and contaminated  water. We have partnered with Touch Africa International to help develop clean water solutions, including rain catchment systems and water delivery systems.

This Summer we are making another trip to Africa to see our sponsored children and work on our clean water projects. The dates will run August 3rd – 11th. If you would like to go on this trip, would like to hear more about our water solutions for the area, or are interested in our child sponsorship program, please contact the church office at (208) 387-0818, or email Carrie Bean |