Thanks Miriam Eden For Your Service!

After many years, thousands of hours and relentless care and passion for the well being of the Eastwind facility, Miriam has decided it’s time to hang up her hat and let someone new step in. She is what we call a “SUPER VOLUNTEER” and we are forever grateful for all that she did for Eastwind, not to mention the thousands of dollars she saved us by wearing so many different hats and doing the majority of the needed work herself.

And now, we are searching for someone to fill her shoes and become the next facilities leader! If you are naturally inclined to be an all purpose handy-man or handy-woman, we need you!

This volunteer position averages 6 to 8 hours a week and handles such things as the management of contracted services, management of the care of the facility, miscellaneous duties such as assisting with special events, quarterly checks of the building and grounds, etc. For a complete job description, please contact the church office.

Many people in our congregation are looking for ways to get involved and contribute to Eastwind so hopefully this opportunity speaks to you!

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